Hemp Carbon Capture Project

How It Works

Hemp Power Generation

Following on from our Hemp power generation page , at Green Cultivation, we are on a mission to run a pilot project to produce carbon negative heat and power.

Hemp as a crop produces more biomass in a given time to nearly any other crop or tree. What's even better is that the woody core of the hemp stem has similar properties to wood making it great for gasification.

Hemp begins sequestering carbon the moment it is seeded; conservatively, hemp cultivation yields a sequestration ratio of about 1.5 units of sequestration per unit produced. In Layman’s terms, one ton of harvested hemp fiber should sequester 1.62 tons of CO2. This already helps it be carbon negative.

Carbon Black HempNormally, when wood is burnt, the carbon taken in by the wood during its growing phase is released back into the atmosphere, however, with the biomass CHP system, the fuel is heated to very high temperatures without any oxygen present. This extracts all the gasses but the waste product? The waste product from the process is carbon!

This means that after growing the hemp and locking in tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, we generate heat and power on site cutting the sites carbon emissions from fossil fuel sources and the carbon that was taken in from the atmosphere is kept in a solid char form so is never released back into the atmosphere! Welcome to carbon negative power generation. 


We are actively looking for investors to carry the project forward as a complete working system.