Hemp Fuel

Is Hemp based chip as good as traditional wood fuels?

The increasing cost of fossil fuel is a deep concern to both businesses and the public and the consensus is that it will only go in one direction - up. This creates more financial uncertainty during already difficult economic times.

Wood pellets and chip on the other hand are widely available and will continue to remain so. The UK is a major producer of wood pellets and chip, the majority of which is currently exported and so there is no likelihood of there ever being a shortage of fuel.

Unlike fossil fuels, the price of pellets and chip iare not volatile and very unlikely to see dramatic increases over the forthcoming years.

The Benefits of Hemp As a Fuel

Hemp is an incredibly fast growing crop. Up to 10 tonnes of Hemp can be grown on an acre of land in 100 days!

Due to its increadibly fast growth rate, Hemp can produce more biomass than any type of tree by a long way. Hemp seeds produce a fantastic oil, fibres can produce very strong clothing and paper. The core of the plant is left and this is what can be used for a biomass fuel.

Hemp Shiv

Many other fast crowing crops contain a hugh level of silica which can produce problems when used as a fuel including clinker formation. Hemp produces only 2% ash, very similar to wood and also has an ash melting point nearly as high so perfect for combustion.